Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Babywearing gear workshop

9 Feb haritue, bawa anak dara (Sarah) ke Bengkel Penyusuan Ibu & Gendong bayi di Mom's Basic, Bandar Saujana Utama, Sg. Buloh. We went there without our bodyguard. Dia perlu mencari rezeki on that day, huhu... T.T

To be honest, this is my first time joining a workshop that related with parenthood. I used to joined pastry class, sewing class, but not this type of class. I was type of person who is hunger of reading materials ( I have a dream to own a mini library in my house, hehe~) But once I delivered Sarah, I realize that I need someone to guide me. I need a teacher. Some people laugh at me when they knew I went to Kelas gendong baby & Penyusuan. 

"Mak - mak kita dulu tak payah datang kelas pun. Nak gendong anak pun nak masuk kelas.."
   "La.. Bagi jelah susu tue... nak datang kelas jugak ke? Buang duit.."

I put aside all the rubbish. I already bought a ring sling. I wore it since I was in my confinement to bring Sarah for check up, I breastfed her with it in the public, and proudly said Sarah feels like she was in her mommy's womb and that's why she can sleep well in the sling in cradle position. But later on, I am bit conscious about the way I carry Sarah in the carrier when I received a diagram photo from my sister about the effect if I wear the baby wear in wrong way.  

During the workshop.

Easy to understand. 

All of us.

She just awake. She sleep deeply in sling. This sling was DIY sling using batik lepas and ring.

If I am not attending the class, I might not know that Sarah might suffocate in the sling if I put her in wrong position. I also learned the right position when she sit in the sling which really make her sleep deeply, hehe.. This class didn't push you to buy any babywearing gear but this class will introduce you almost every babywearing gear that we can get from market. We can try each of it during the class with the guide from Kak Shida. Participant also will get the ring sling DIY kit during the class. Kain batik okeh.. Like mine, hehe~

please join
You will not regret. Trust me.. :)

you may contact kak Norashida on her facebook.

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