Thursday, October 18, 2012

Into Yo-yo diet.. =,=!

Currently.. I was into yo-yo diet.. yes.. I can see.. My family can see changes towards my body. How ever.. It never last long.. Only for two months. After I started back my hobby.. Everything change only in a week! Gosh! I am sure.. If my coach read this.. I will die! AHAHAHAHAHA!

I took protein shake (Honestly.. I am Herbalife user)..  But then I stop.. Its all about the money, huhu.. So.. I decided to stop taking it. I replace it with what I called more healthy lifestyle.. I cut of my carbs from a full small bowl of rice into half.. Consume 8liter of water everyday. 3 green apples or any rainbow fruits. A bowl of salad (dressing: olive oil+lemon zest+black pepper).. Stop using condiments.. (konon2 eat clean.. Food clean.. Like what Cassie had promo in her Blogilates).. What happen if I am damn hungry? replace all my jajan with small bowl of boiled chick bean.. Kacang2 lain kan mahal.. Or else.. I will take quarter of guava. Jog 4 times a week. Simple 30 minutes workout at home.. Blah.. Blah.. Blah..  I can see the change. I feel fresh.. Healthier.. More confident with my body. Energetic.. BUT.. After my asthma come back because of the weather.. TADAAAAAAAA!!!!!

I will refill this bottle 4 times a day = 8 liter of water.

I stop jog. The weather really not help and I am not a member for any gym. I also stop my 30 minutes workout at home. Suddenly I have a problem to breath.. Nak sempott je..  I have to take back my oral prednesolone and ventolin everyday. I truly hate this because this drugs will make me shivering all day long. I have to take nabulizer 3 times a week. I take MC regularly. Totally makes me devastated.  Maybe.. I am not well control my asthma. After that.. Tadaaaa.. Start cooking back. Eat rice everyday.. Less vegetables.. Less fruits.. Less water.. More fat.. cholesterol.. MSG.. ect.. ect.. Okey.. Stop there Nai'mah! Stop making more excuses.. I think.. The fat.. The cholesterol.. The weight that I successfully lost last two month.. Already mounting into few pounds in my body in only a week..  I can feel it. My knees. It hurts when I am gaining weight. Shame one you.. ngeee~

Right now.. Back to the track.. Back to the track..Kang.. Baju kahwin tak muat kang.. Siapa nak jawab? Ha... Good luck! ;p

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