Sunday, September 23, 2012


I just started my hobby back. My book shelve already collect plenty of dust, since I didn't update any book collection. how ever yesterday, the mood of buy-a-book-a-month suddenly came when my dear fiance asked me about walking to Amcorp Mall from Petaling Jaya Lake (of course yes!). My future-sister-in-law's company having an event there. We're planning to picnic there and accidentally found out that some organizations collaborate to organized this amazing event for persons with disabilities (intellectual disabilities).  I am easily burst my tears.. Their effort. Their self-confidence. they makes me think on how selfish we are.. Who ALLAH already granted with the good health. NO disabilities like them but unfortunately misused it to something that useless.

Okey.. Okey.. Enough Nai'mah. Lets talk aboutt.. BOOKS! :)

I bought this book.

Soooo in love with Dorothy's writing style.

So far.. Dorothy's writing does give me the satisfaction. This is my second books from Dorothy that I've owned. Hehehe!

I promise you.. This book is worth to spend on it!

From Petaling Jaya Lake, went to Book Xcess, Amcorp Mall. Then.. Straight away to Shah Alam to survey the goody bag and looking for the Bunga Telor.  Hopefully everything will go smoothly. Thank you sooo much En. Tunang..

I want mini library ye En Tunang.. hehehehe! xoxo~

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