Friday, June 17, 2011


Sometimes, I feels like i want to scream out loud and stay alone. Just let every miserable thing come out freely. The trembling is still inside me. I just feel how useless I am when I can't say what I want to say, can't react the way I should react, can't make a decision since the decision was made and I only need to follow it even it is really hurt me. I keep telling myself, "its ok.. Its shows how much they love you.. " I don't mind about what are you thinking about since this is my blog. So, this is my right to say what I want to say!

I am 24 years old woman but I still don't have any right to decide about my future. Its shameful Nai'mah. Its awful. My life is totally upside down now and I don't think that I can stand with it anymore. I just can't stand with it ANYMORE!


  1. Salam imah...k.nina xtau apa yg terjadi tapi apa2 pun sentiasa jgn putus harap pada Allah swt, sentiasa bersabar & berdoa utk terbaik dlm apa2 ye...

  2. ada macam-macam dalam kepala dalam hati, dalam jiwa tapi tak dapat nak lepaskan. macam neh la jadi ny, huhu~ insyaALLAH kak nina. thanks sebab rajin tinggalkan komen kat entry imah.. =)