Tuesday, May 24, 2011

dizzy and I hate you

Can you just leave me alone..?? I am nobody.. The more know me, the more you will regret it. I proved it and you can ask them more bout me.( yeah! You can ask my ex-house mate who dumb me like a fool)

Yes. To be honest, I appreciate and feel warmth and welcome this feeling come into my life. But then when you come, it seems like you will spoil everything that I have planned with him for almost 6 months. How could you..? Please stay away from my life because I don't need you. Back off. Or else, I will make my decision and make sure that nobody can't stop me this time. There's to much things happen around me and I don't think that I can cope it. Sometimes I feels like I want to kill all of the people who really makes me suck and embarrassed me in Facebook with the rumors and I'm pretty sure that this speculation will effect my life. Thanks. This is what friends for.

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