Wednesday, March 30, 2011


hahahahahahahahahahahaha~ DURIANS ARE NOT ALLOWED!!! the stinky smell of durians make the mat salleh made this signboard.. Btw. stinky eh..? Ntah. But it taste really good.

I don't know where this apek sell his durians. But damn! Its make my mouth watering gile2 punye. Sooo long.. Dapat seulas pun jadila. I saw few durians stall along the way to Kota Damansara, nearby the Shah Alam- Sg. Buloh traffic light. 2 for RM10.00? Ermmm.. Oke2.. Errrrr.. Treat me durians please... I want to make serawa and pulut durian and bubur kacang hijau plus durian.. =pppp

Owhh.. YummmmY! Dah tah tahan neh. Cepatlah Sabtu..

Wiwit! Durian ye..


  1. hohoho.. dah mam dah durian last week. pastu panas badan :)