Thursday, December 9, 2010

overwhelming.. The mix feeling between excited and scared. Scared?

Actually, I was freaking shock with my own react lately. I was too confident, too brave, to excited, but at the same time too scared. Add some more.. sometimes blur, hahahaha! But, I still want to do it. A big big WHY now inside my head. I want to enjoy my life but at the same time I still want to varnish the feeling of insecure while I'm doing something that I already know at the end it not always bring me the bright.

Feeling shocked like her? hahahahahaha!

At the same time.. I feel like him.

But I can feel that I enjoy my life now rather than before. Wish everything gonna be oke, InsyaALLAH.... hah! wanna share this. I was damnly into Oxana Kalemi's right now. She wrote a book bout her life. True story oke..?? Title: Mummy, come home..

I bet you will love this book too. really heartbreaking, bout the real life. Have kids in a young age. Abused husband. What else? It just.. A great book. =)