Sunday, July 4, 2010

Begin.. Middle.. End..

MAHB tag.. Got this 2 weeks after start my internship..

Ya.. Ya.. Ya.. posing 3 days before my internship ends.. Any of you would like to hire me to be your model may call me ya.. hehehe.. <3

2 days before my internship ends.. Thank you to Mr. Vellayudan who treat such a marvelous lunch that day. And guess what? he treat the whoe Research & Planning department. Nice huh..?

Can you see every different name on plate..? It represent every of my family.. It was the first day after I arrived Muar. We hang out together at Malacca, picnic, shopping, and be a local tourist ronda-ronda around Malacca. Thanks to both my lovely sister who made all these alphabet.. Love it darling!

 My priority. Nobody can change that reality..

They are my lovely parents. Love you very much, ummuakz!

Anis teasing Syahmi.. So jahat, hahahaha!

Last but not least.. The Beauty Queen, hehehe!

Can you see what I see..? (",)