Tuesday, June 1, 2010

month 2: practical training

I still have another one month to finish my practical training in MAHB. Nice lor.. But for sure I am still thinking bout Puncak Perdana a lot! It was totally awkward. I miss my day there. I miss my student title. I miss the surroundings. I miss my friends. I miss everything that relate with Puncak Perdana.
However, live in Sepang is not hard like I thought before. It just easy patsy like 1 2 3. I am telling you the truth dude. Why? Aiyak! Ok.. You start your work at 8.00am. Move from your house maybe around 7.30am.. Something like that. Finish your work at 5.00pm and after done with your Asr Prayer, find something to eat for dinner. Continue with back home. Everyday with the same routine.That why I said live here is easy. Staff at the MAHB will not make you feel like you are working with an alien. They are friendly, from top until the lower management. I feel like they are welcoming us doing our practical there(us.. I am doing my internship with Norazura Aziz).What a nice thing if I have a chance to get my job there. Maybe I will make a few changes inside the library. hahaha~ I am start flying on the cloud 9 right now. T__T We already gave few suggestions that might help the library. In my opinion, the subject provided by Faculty of Information and Management is the best since it help me a lot when the officer asked something and we manage to answer it. A big thanks to my lectures for supplying me that important knowledge.

Made slice cheese cake last week when I went to my hometown, Muar. Just.. I don't have any idea how to decorate cheese cake. Any?Yummy!

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