Saturday, May 1, 2010

When practical training begin..

Just arrived from Muar around 4.30pm and we stay at my cousin's house tonight. Quit rough since for the first time I need to drive by myself to Sepang. (even though just a short distance..) my mom sit beside me in Myvi, while my dad follow me from behind with his Unser and keep give the instruction and order if I drove my mom's myvi over limit, hahaha..

After drop by all stuff at my rumah sewa, we back to my cousin's house, and leparking in front of the television with my parents and my sister.Tomorrow I will drive with my friend to look out our practical place, yeha! Wargh! tired. Don't have any idea what else to write for this entry. Sorry my friend, huhu.. Urmmmm..

I miss my D.

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