Thursday, April 22, 2010

When ends finally come..

Such a relief when came out from the exam hall today; my last paper ever. I hope so, huhu. But, there are few task that i am not done with. I am facing some obstacles and again I burden my group member. Sorry to Kak Hajar, Kak Huda, and Saiful.I wish I could finish one task this evening and another two tonight.I just can't wait to go back to my hometown, but at the same time feel so sad to leave this Puncak Perdana. When my friend asked where is Puncak Perdana? and.. My answer always, "....ala... Kat tempat jin bertendang tue. Dekat dgn kg Subang, sebelah Bukit Jelutong, bawah Puncak Alam, dalam hutan.." hahaha.. But then finally this tempat jin bertendang will give me a lot of memories, the place where for the first time I met Sabahan and Sarawakian friends, boys( I came from Girl School since primary untill high school), but, Hello.. It doesn't mean that I am to gatal when I saw boys around me, learn a lot of dialect from other state around Malaysia, and also the only place that allow me to overnight with my friends. Just hang out to MacD or Mapley for the purpose of doing assignment lol... ^________^

Now, I need to be well prepared for my practical training at Malaysia Airline Holdings Berhad. Purposely find such an  adventure place? Even my pointer is not very good like other,  I know I can perform well. Hurmmm.. I hope I am not over confident when come out with this statement. But, we need it, isn't it? At least you have something to hold with when you feel down. Holding on what? On your own spirit that you are tough and the best person and brave enough to face with it even sometimes you know it is not that easy. Yah.. And after practical, I need to face the reality of life; no more student status, no more pocket money unless I find my 1st job as soon as possible. owh..Wait for me Ibu, Ayah, and Syahmi. I'll bring back new recipes(a lot.. lot...lottTTTTTz of breads, cakes,  and I miss my kitchen and oven very much(my mom's actually, hehe), muah2!!

My dream:1. want to own my own big kitchen 2. want to own my brander bread maker (BM). 3. want to own BIG oven. May I request all this as my barang hantaran when someone wants to marry me?? hehehe


  1. woww~!!! bole jew naima oiii~ sape laa jejaka yg bertuah tu yek~ hehe~

    kamu praktikal kt mas ka? sepang ek? private company~ mesti dpt elaun ek~ beshh nye~ jgn sia²kn bile dh praktikal kt ctu~ mne taw dpt d serapkn teros an~ btw, gud luck ye~!!!! al da bestt~!!!

  2. hahahaha~ pengsan la jejake tersebut.. 2 xtermasuk insuran kesihtn, kad keahlian g gym, hahaha~ xd la.. trok no 2, hehe~ haah.. dpt.. tp tkot gak.. pointer kt xseberape.. plus, ri 2 mse final tok web xd wat pape preparartion. xjp pn.. mmg xjwp mslh ny.. cmner 2... huhu~ doa2 la lepas kak paper 2..