Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Steroid.. How I manage with this?

I just post last entry, but then I post this entry.. Why..? because I'm sad.. But, redha dan tawakal dengan segala Qada dan Kadar.. Setiap kejadian mesti ada sebab musabab dan hanya DIA Yang Maha Mengetahui..

I'm chatting with my friend now. She's doing Meds at Indonesia and we didn't meet since 2005. And.. We are talking about my condition; my Asthma; my future; and perhaps.. Try to find solution? I took steroid since I was 6. At that time, steroid I'm used is Rottercap; Put the capsules underneath, and turn it. I need to inhale the powder using my mouth and there are two types of capsules; chocolate and blue colour and I forgot the name already. It was 17 years story. How could I remember it back?? haha~

When I was 10, the doctor change it to Inhaler; I think you guys know the physical of inhaler. But at that time, I was managed to use only two types; Budesonide and Respolin.

And 5 years ago, my doctor change from Budesonide to Inflammide, still using Respolin but they add one more; Seretide. I used all three steroid until now. You can't imagine how do I feel right now. I already do some research regarding to my condition. When I have a chance to chat with someone who study this area, it such a big opportunities to me to ask anything I want to know. It such a relief but at the same make make me feels little bit of suffer when I have to put everything by myself.

Effect of steroid on me? Hurmmm.. If overdose, will effect my intestines ( I was shock with that..), heart, lungs, bones,etc..etc.. I put something below. She explain something what should I AVOID and what should I KNOW..

Pharmacologic Stimuli The drugs most commonly associated with the induction of acute episodes of asthma are aspirin, coloring agents such as tartrazine,ß-adrenergic antagonists, and sulfiting agents. It is important to recognize drug-induced bronchial narrowing because its presence is often associated with great morbidity. Furthermore, death sometimes has followed the ingestion of aspirin (or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents) or ß-adrenergic antagonists

The typical aspirin-sensitive respiratory syndrome primarily affects adults, although the condition may occur in childhood. This problem usually begins with perennial vasomotor rhinitis that is followed by a hyperplastic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps. Progressive asthma then appears. On exposure to even very small quantities of aspirin, affected individuals typically develop ocular and nasal congestion and acute, often severe episodes of airways obstruction

Sulfiting agents, such as potassium metabisulfite, potassium and sodium bisulfite, sodium sulfite, and sulfur dioxide, which are widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries as sanitizing and preserving agents, can also produce acute airway obstruction in sensitive individuals. Exposure usually follows ingestion
of food or beverages containing these compounds, e.g., salads, fresh fruit, potatoes, shellfish, and wine.

Are you still want to be my friend? Is anybody wants to marry me? Thank you Doctor Safara, hehe..


  1. ms bunga kembang melati.. take care of yourself ya.... i know that u'll be just fine..

  2. Haha.. Thank you Amad. anyhow, I was taking care of myself since the first time I was admitted in ward when I was 6. Little bit of emotion last night. I can manage it. YES I AM! thank you for being my friend ek.. ^_____^

  3. welcome. u'll always be my fwends~