Monday, April 5, 2010

Myself along two weeks

At the moment i post this entry, my heart full with happiness, my entire body was tiredness, my mind thinking about the assignment, and my soul with the joyfulness. ^___<

A week before I attend my Finishing school program, I met my sisters at Times Square and this time, I asked them to wait for me.We enjoy our steamboat very much and I satisfied with it. Enjoy every moment with them and I was thankful to The Most Merciful ALLAH for give me thousand of joyful since the day I discharge from ICU, 5 years ago. I'm using my three years of study period studying, hang out and treat my sister, spend time with my friends, and be friend with a lot of people. I am grateful with that. Thank you ALLAH. And, the day before I meet my sisters, I overnight with my friends at KFC section 2 Shah Alam. Try to finish our Metadata assignment. Here, I would like to give my appreciation and thank you to Shaiful Bahri who drove us for it and for drove me to Klang after finished our study with his girlfriend, Khuzaimah. I re-arrange my appointment with my doctor because I skip the appointment the day before. Thank you very much buddy.

My mind still cannot stop from thinking of my friend last week. One day, when I open my YM, I saw him online with a hyperlink shut out. I'm still not dare to approach him. I think the best way is by let it be, what it be. But then, I click the hyperlink on his shut out. You know what? He step forward again from me. His team and him built a website to promote their services that relate with developing system in multiple types of language. PHP, JAVA, html, etc..etc.. I just can pray for his success.

Finishing School program, hurmmmm.. Ok.. Ok.. I get some input when I attended the program. The most important thing, this program allow us to mingle between post Diploma and post STPM. They separated us in 11 groups and each group contain both post STPM and Diploma. I think, the program like this should be start from semester 1 or else maybe the faculty can open the class which any background student can study in it; post STPM either post Diploma. The rest, the program give us briefing about the reality life outside when we are hunting job after finish our study.

  When Maduna apply her lip balm, hahaha..

 With Mami and Maduna

Dayah, Kak dayang, and Titi

Group 2.. Enjoy this moment..
Suddenly.. empty..