Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I am counting my precious time..

I don't have much time to update my blog.. Its ok Nai'mah. Its only for 1 week; this week. Later all the suffer will ends.But still.. Ermm.. I think, I was addicted with internet. Cannot miss every single time checking my Facebook an email unless when I am sleeping. As long as I can get the connection, I will not let myself offline. Shit! I wish I can survive this semester. Everybody seems to be as selfish as they can. My friend cried last night and I can't say anything about that. In one point, I became such a passive and gave her some advice that don't know weather it was the right things to do or not. After a while, when I have my own time in my room, i cried too. Why should everything happen right now? It is not the right time either. I text my friend on the spot through YM and later she change my mood( quite easy from sad to happy..? urgh!). Huh! It was difficult right now. I hope.. and pray.. My pointer will not drop for this semester.Or at least, I don't have to extend my semester only because of this issue.

I  met my old friend in Facebook and.. we keep chit chatting almost when I can get the internet connection. Aiyak! Miss our moment together in high school.How people change, her too. But, at the certain part, she is still the same, haha.. Don't you ever dare not inform me when you back to Malaysia doc.

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