Saturday, April 10, 2010

Did I tell you that..

I was damnly addicted with novels and biography. Sometimes I will bring the book in the bathroom to make sure that I will not miss the sense, haha.. When I was in my high school, my mom cannot stop from membebel when I took long long time in the bathroom and usually she can predict what am I doing inside.

"Imah.. Cepat sikit. Orang lain pun nak guna bilik air. Awak buat apa lama-lama kat dalam tue...."

And.. When I came out from the bathroom without have time to hide the novel, my mom only can shake her head. Thousand of time she advice me about that but it didn't give me any impact. I stop my habit reading novel in the bathroom, but I can't stop myself from buying any books each time I enter bookstore. My parents already warned me (since I only buy novels and biography rather than academic books, hihi..). Few boxes at home belongs to me; contains of thousand of my novels' collection. And here... What I am into now. I have no time to read it for now but I already read few pages for both books and I tell you I am not regret bought it. Makes my eyes watering, enjoy the African Essence in Oprah's Choice and feeling grateful with my health when I read Handling with Care. Read only few pages, and I cannot wait to finish it. I borrowed a biography titled: Nigger and I think Malaysian should read it. You will feel grateful living in this Multi-racial country; Malaysia.

I get my satisfaction when I am reading book. So guys.. You don't have to treat me with candle light dinner or  a romantic movie. Enough with a wonderful books. ^_____^

I? Rather spend my money on novels and foods rather than cloths..

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