Thursday, April 22, 2010

When ends finally come..

Such a relief when came out from the exam hall today; my last paper ever. I hope so, huhu. But, there are few task that i am not done with. I am facing some obstacles and again I burden my group member. Sorry to Kak Hajar, Kak Huda, and Saiful.I wish I could finish one task this evening and another two tonight.I just can't wait to go back to my hometown, but at the same time feel so sad to leave this Puncak Perdana. When my friend asked where is Puncak Perdana? and.. My answer always, "....ala... Kat tempat jin bertendang tue. Dekat dgn kg Subang, sebelah Bukit Jelutong, bawah Puncak Alam, dalam hutan.." hahaha.. But then finally this tempat jin bertendang will give me a lot of memories, the place where for the first time I met Sabahan and Sarawakian friends, boys( I came from Girl School since primary untill high school), but, Hello.. It doesn't mean that I am to gatal when I saw boys around me, learn a lot of dialect from other state around Malaysia, and also the only place that allow me to overnight with my friends. Just hang out to MacD or Mapley for the purpose of doing assignment lol... ^________^

Now, I need to be well prepared for my practical training at Malaysia Airline Holdings Berhad. Purposely find such an  adventure place? Even my pointer is not very good like other,  I know I can perform well. Hurmmm.. I hope I am not over confident when come out with this statement. But, we need it, isn't it? At least you have something to hold with when you feel down. Holding on what? On your own spirit that you are tough and the best person and brave enough to face with it even sometimes you know it is not that easy. Yah.. And after practical, I need to face the reality of life; no more student status, no more pocket money unless I find my 1st job as soon as possible. owh..Wait for me Ibu, Ayah, and Syahmi. I'll bring back new recipes(a lot.. lot...lottTTTTTz of breads, cakes,  and I miss my kitchen and oven very much(my mom's actually, hehe), muah2!!

My dream:1. want to own my own big kitchen 2. want to own my brander bread maker (BM). 3. want to own BIG oven. May I request all this as my barang hantaran when someone wants to marry me?? hehehe

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I am counting my precious time..

I don't have much time to update my blog.. Its ok Nai'mah. Its only for 1 week; this week. Later all the suffer will ends.But still.. Ermm.. I think, I was addicted with internet. Cannot miss every single time checking my Facebook an email unless when I am sleeping. As long as I can get the connection, I will not let myself offline. Shit! I wish I can survive this semester. Everybody seems to be as selfish as they can. My friend cried last night and I can't say anything about that. In one point, I became such a passive and gave her some advice that don't know weather it was the right things to do or not. After a while, when I have my own time in my room, i cried too. Why should everything happen right now? It is not the right time either. I text my friend on the spot through YM and later she change my mood( quite easy from sad to happy..? urgh!). Huh! It was difficult right now. I hope.. and pray.. My pointer will not drop for this semester.Or at least, I don't have to extend my semester only because of this issue.

I  met my old friend in Facebook and.. we keep chit chatting almost when I can get the internet connection. Aiyak! Miss our moment together in high school.How people change, her too. But, at the certain part, she is still the same, haha.. Don't you ever dare not inform me when you back to Malaysia doc.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Keluh kesah tiada penghujung
Terhenyak dengan kata-kata
Terduduk penuh tanda tanya
Bila nak berakhir?
Terkadang aku rasa
Terperosok di hujung penjuru sempit
Yang pastinya sukar digapai tangan-tangan itu
Gelap berdebu
Hapak berbau hancing
Aku lemas tapi
Apa dayaku lagi?
Aku penat mendaki bukit
yang akhirnya umpama tergelincir jatuh kembali
Ke jurang dalam
Sudah-sudahlah tangan itu
Mencalar tangan sendiri
Sebab aku?
Aku penat.
Tiapkali tangan itu mencalar diri
Mencemar tapak
Hanya untuk menarikku kembali

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Did I tell you that..

I was damnly addicted with novels and biography. Sometimes I will bring the book in the bathroom to make sure that I will not miss the sense, haha.. When I was in my high school, my mom cannot stop from membebel when I took long long time in the bathroom and usually she can predict what am I doing inside.

"Imah.. Cepat sikit. Orang lain pun nak guna bilik air. Awak buat apa lama-lama kat dalam tue...."

And.. When I came out from the bathroom without have time to hide the novel, my mom only can shake her head. Thousand of time she advice me about that but it didn't give me any impact. I stop my habit reading novel in the bathroom, but I can't stop myself from buying any books each time I enter bookstore. My parents already warned me (since I only buy novels and biography rather than academic books, hihi..). Few boxes at home belongs to me; contains of thousand of my novels' collection. And here... What I am into now. I have no time to read it for now but I already read few pages for both books and I tell you I am not regret bought it. Makes my eyes watering, enjoy the African Essence in Oprah's Choice and feeling grateful with my health when I read Handling with Care. Read only few pages, and I cannot wait to finish it. I borrowed a biography titled: Nigger and I think Malaysian should read it. You will feel grateful living in this Multi-racial country; Malaysia.

I get my satisfaction when I am reading book. So guys.. You don't have to treat me with candle light dinner or  a romantic movie. Enough with a wonderful books. ^_____^

I? Rather spend my money on novels and foods rather than cloths..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Steroid.. How I manage with this?

I just post last entry, but then I post this entry.. Why..? because I'm sad.. But, redha dan tawakal dengan segala Qada dan Kadar.. Setiap kejadian mesti ada sebab musabab dan hanya DIA Yang Maha Mengetahui..

I'm chatting with my friend now. She's doing Meds at Indonesia and we didn't meet since 2005. And.. We are talking about my condition; my Asthma; my future; and perhaps.. Try to find solution? I took steroid since I was 6. At that time, steroid I'm used is Rottercap; Put the capsules underneath, and turn it. I need to inhale the powder using my mouth and there are two types of capsules; chocolate and blue colour and I forgot the name already. It was 17 years story. How could I remember it back?? haha~

When I was 10, the doctor change it to Inhaler; I think you guys know the physical of inhaler. But at that time, I was managed to use only two types; Budesonide and Respolin.

And 5 years ago, my doctor change from Budesonide to Inflammide, still using Respolin but they add one more; Seretide. I used all three steroid until now. You can't imagine how do I feel right now. I already do some research regarding to my condition. When I have a chance to chat with someone who study this area, it such a big opportunities to me to ask anything I want to know. It such a relief but at the same make make me feels little bit of suffer when I have to put everything by myself.

Effect of steroid on me? Hurmmm.. If overdose, will effect my intestines ( I was shock with that..), heart, lungs, bones,etc..etc.. I put something below. She explain something what should I AVOID and what should I KNOW..

Pharmacologic Stimuli The drugs most commonly associated with the induction of acute episodes of asthma are aspirin, coloring agents such as tartrazine,ß-adrenergic antagonists, and sulfiting agents. It is important to recognize drug-induced bronchial narrowing because its presence is often associated with great morbidity. Furthermore, death sometimes has followed the ingestion of aspirin (or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents) or ß-adrenergic antagonists

The typical aspirin-sensitive respiratory syndrome primarily affects adults, although the condition may occur in childhood. This problem usually begins with perennial vasomotor rhinitis that is followed by a hyperplastic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps. Progressive asthma then appears. On exposure to even very small quantities of aspirin, affected individuals typically develop ocular and nasal congestion and acute, often severe episodes of airways obstruction

Sulfiting agents, such as potassium metabisulfite, potassium and sodium bisulfite, sodium sulfite, and sulfur dioxide, which are widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries as sanitizing and preserving agents, can also produce acute airway obstruction in sensitive individuals. Exposure usually follows ingestion
of food or beverages containing these compounds, e.g., salads, fresh fruit, potatoes, shellfish, and wine.

Are you still want to be my friend? Is anybody wants to marry me? Thank you Doctor Safara, hehe..

Monday, April 5, 2010

Myself along two weeks

At the moment i post this entry, my heart full with happiness, my entire body was tiredness, my mind thinking about the assignment, and my soul with the joyfulness. ^___<

A week before I attend my Finishing school program, I met my sisters at Times Square and this time, I asked them to wait for me.We enjoy our steamboat very much and I satisfied with it. Enjoy every moment with them and I was thankful to The Most Merciful ALLAH for give me thousand of joyful since the day I discharge from ICU, 5 years ago. I'm using my three years of study period studying, hang out and treat my sister, spend time with my friends, and be friend with a lot of people. I am grateful with that. Thank you ALLAH. And, the day before I meet my sisters, I overnight with my friends at KFC section 2 Shah Alam. Try to finish our Metadata assignment. Here, I would like to give my appreciation and thank you to Shaiful Bahri who drove us for it and for drove me to Klang after finished our study with his girlfriend, Khuzaimah. I re-arrange my appointment with my doctor because I skip the appointment the day before. Thank you very much buddy.

My mind still cannot stop from thinking of my friend last week. One day, when I open my YM, I saw him online with a hyperlink shut out. I'm still not dare to approach him. I think the best way is by let it be, what it be. But then, I click the hyperlink on his shut out. You know what? He step forward again from me. His team and him built a website to promote their services that relate with developing system in multiple types of language. PHP, JAVA, html, etc..etc.. I just can pray for his success.

Finishing School program, hurmmmm.. Ok.. Ok.. I get some input when I attended the program. The most important thing, this program allow us to mingle between post Diploma and post STPM. They separated us in 11 groups and each group contain both post STPM and Diploma. I think, the program like this should be start from semester 1 or else maybe the faculty can open the class which any background student can study in it; post STPM either post Diploma. The rest, the program give us briefing about the reality life outside when we are hunting job after finish our study.

  When Maduna apply her lip balm, hahaha..

 With Mami and Maduna

Dayah, Kak dayang, and Titi

Group 2.. Enjoy this moment..
Suddenly.. empty..