Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday morning...

It was cold since Puncak Perdana got rain last night and i slept tightly, haha.. i dunk crakers with Milo only to feed me this morning. Hurmm.. Ok. Actually i have to finish plenty of works and I'm running through it. There are few works running at the same time but i have a group work which my group member and I thinking want to pay someone to do it for us (aiseh..).. They do it few times but not for me. I'm not trying to say that I am very good student in finishing any task given by the lecture. But honestly, not even once I pay someone to do my job and I don't know how I feel this time since the day they tell me bout their plan. Whatever.. We leave this story here. I just want to share with you what we... The semester 6 students from IS faculty done last weekend.

 We attend a program ( even the atmosphere like seminar for me..)  conducted by FIM ( Faculty of Information and Management) with three other organizations under FIM.

Kak dayang and Ida. The person who sit beside me along the seminar.

Almost the same style, hahaha..

With Nancy and Maduna. Fadh try to cover his face even though I already asked him to join us.
Capturing pictures in this event if not for fun what else. isn't it?

It was very cold inside the hall.

Same with Wana..

Ami too..

Can you see the shawl there? someone rounded herself with it.. Who is she?
Some of them just enjoy themselves..

Mad Min with his dayang-dayang.. Didi behind him concentrate with her magz.
It just for fun my friend, hehe.. We came from the different state, different ethnics, different background, and when we join FIM we are from different course even under the same school. But we are ONE..

with love,


  1. along 3 days.. you sit far away from me lolz... hahahaha~ pdn muke.. tapew2.. nt ak masuk kn ek..

  2. mad:sbr ye, hehe..
    Lun@R: tapew.. akk pny pic kne surprise.. kne asing2, haha~