Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reality of life..

Hah... I just feel like want to laugh today. Ok,.. I would like to apologize to those who feels like I was pointing them for my last entry. However, don't you feel that it happen. It just not happen in my life, but almost to all person who have an experience as a student in university. We have to accept it no matter how is it right? Maybe I am using the wrong medium to show my satisfaction level to the public. But, this is the purpose of my blog. I like to share almost everything as long as it not make people around me shameless. From the very beginning ( if you still remember my entry about poligamy.. I also get the same feedback like today..), did I mention any name? No, right? Its up to you guys to take it in a positive way or negative way. I can't stop you from thinking the way you want.

However, as a human being, I would like to apolagize again to those that feel like I am ponting on them. I'm not mean to put the guilt or what so ever, but just want to share the reality. I hope I'm not bring up any polemic here. Sorry..

Remember one of my friend said," back stabbing.. " when he point someone in his social page.. He too straight forward right? I hope I'm not kind of that..

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