Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Activity for today

Since I have no class every Wednesday, I've plan to rent a car and ask my friend to show me where is MAB (even actually it was located at Subang, tapi aku tak tahu celah mana..) I want to change the location for my practical(UMP before..) Plus, I have planned a picnic with my sister on this becoming weekend. Kena prepare lauk-pauk. Tak kisah la tue. I'm worries bout my practical training. Will someone bullying me? Will I give the organization the best performance? Will I get a job after my practical training? I don't want to stay at home and doing nothing.

I have to settle down few final projects, so it must a pack day for today, this month. I wish i can settle down everything on time.

Bore.. Bored... Bored..


  1. naimah ooiii.. jgn ler risau..x ada org nak buli kamu tu... hope you have settle down your place of practical..

  2. naimah oii.. sape ler yg nak buli kamu tu oii. dont worry dear... u'll be jsut fine..

  3. ntah la.... tkot, heh0~ Rara n I will settle down bout that today.... hope everything goes smoothly..