Wednesday, December 9, 2009

re: Perempuan dan lelaki.. Apa bezanya?

i would like to apologize about the post few minutes ago tittled "Perempuan dan lelaki.. Apa bezanya?" Seems like everybody start to misunderstood when i promote it throught Friendster, Facebook, Tagged, etc.. I am not pointing on anybody. I don't mean to make any spaculation here. The topic is so sudden pass through my head and it makes me wanna write something by my personal view, through what i saw, i heard few years. Plus, accidently, i've read a news about that. I don't meant to point on anybody. If its not helping you a lot, again, i would like to apologize you. It is not totally involve any of my friends. Sorry for the inconvenience that i have made.tQ..

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